My life over the past 2 years in a nutshell:

1. Met a wonderful girl
2. moved to Nova Scotia (to be with the wonderful girl)
3. Adopted a dog together
4. Got Married! (the the wonderful girl)
5. Bought a 140+ year old house on the Bay of Fundy(moving in less than a month now)
6. Applying for permanent residence status and then Citizenship.
7. lost over 40 lbs.

Future Plans (possibly) include:

1. A child
2. A job
3. growing old together. (absolutely)
4. Fishing
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Today I did the following.

1. Spent too much time lamenting the state of my life.

2. Spent hours trying to (and actually succeeding)start getting rid of junk in the house.

Which led to:

3. Thinking about my Mom.

Which then led to:

4. Got depressed.
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Though we (regrettably) stopped talking a while ago, I miss her, think of her often and hope she is well.

I am nothing

What I thought was, isn't. At least, not for me. I guess I'll go somewhere else this week, seeing as I took time off!
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